The Islamic Agenda For Ghana, The Church Must Wake Up

By Mustapha Mohammed Chris.

When I was a Muslim, we were indoctrinated to dominate Ghana by all means and at all cost. We were told to give out our knowledge, strength, and financial resources etc to help achieve this agenda.We were also admonished to use our positions of authority. Thus, public offices like the legislature, judiciary, executive particularly presidential, etc to influence policies for the agenda. This explains why any Muslim in any capacity is only there for the welfare of Islam and not necessarily for the country. Every Muslim’s secret wish, therefore, is that Islam will dominate this country even if it meant that the country should burn. And as usual, the naive church is ignorant about this.

To cut a long story short, I became a Christian eventually, when I had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ at a crusade in Tamale :- Ghana, West Africa.

As a Muslim, I was told to work hard for the Islamic agenda because the Christians also have an agenda to destroy Islam. So, when I became a Christian, I was looking out for the agenda of the Christendom to pursue it with similar interests and zeal. To my surprise, the church has no agenda whatsoever for this nation. Christians and the leadership of the church are just occupying space only to fade out as it has happened in other countries.

In Islam, we believe in numerical strength. We are taught that numbers are the main insurance policy to influence political decisions and national policies. Ironically, Christians have the numerical strength yet they are not interested in using this strength to influence policies that will entrench the Kingdom of God for their children’s children.

While we (Muslims) give birth to as many children as we should, we also keep the agenda running by indoctrinating these children to hate Christianity and make sure Christianity fades out completely.
In Islam, it’s never a sin to deceive people particularly Christians to believe that we are serving the same God and that we love them so much. No true Muslim loves Christians or Christianity. If you see any expression of love towards a Christian from a Muslim, it’s purely a pretense because we are coached to do this in order to weaken the Christian opposition to our penetrations. But the idea is that when we get the majority we will then use numerical strength and political positions through legislation to suffocate Christianity in Ghana. That’s when we would openly vent out our hatred for Christians and Christianity in general.

I quiet remember under J.J. Rawlings, we claimed that the Muslim population in Ghana was 65%. As usual, the church never came out to challenge the claim. And no christian group raised any issue. So, we got more encouraged to go ahead with our propaganda until the political parties eventually believed our claims. As a result, J.J. Rawlings was compelled to give us the islamic holidays that we demanded. The NPP was also compelled to draft a policy whereby they will always elect one Christian and one Muslim as flag bearer and running mate respectively. Though this policy of the NPP is a dangerous precedence yet the ignorant church is silent about it.

The 2000 population census was a knockout punch that silenced our 65% claim. It turned out that the Muslim population was rather 14% and not 65%.

Before the 2000 Population Census, we had gotten what we needed at the time so we were not overly bothered except that we organised a few press conferences to protest the outcome of the Census. In order not to discourage our external sponsors particularly Suadi Arabia and Turkey, we blamed our low population on the Christian agenda.

It was only when I became a Christian that I realised that Christians don’t have any agenda for this nation. They don’t even know what an agenda is let alone to have one. In this country the only agenda there is, is an Islamic agenda and no Christian agenda.

It’s said that one person with an agenda has all it takes to rule over millions of people with no agenda.

Let the leadership of the church think about this.

Since Muslims are coached by external forces and intelligence as to how to take over Ghana, they were able to devised a strategy which they used in the 2010 population Census. When the Christian leadership were sleeping as usual, the Muslim leadership were awake. They simply pushed more Muslims to be employed as census officers with the main agenda of inflating the census figures at the counting point in favour of Muslims.

By the grace God, I’ve intercepted another strategy that spells out how to officially inflate the population of Muslims into the official books of this country.

To foil or destroy their plan, I’ve decided to put this out, perhaps, the individualistic, greedy, naive, directionless, visionless, and the sleepy church might wake up from their slumber to save the remaining territory for their children’s children.

*These are the strategies*
1) all eligible Muslims must push their way through to be employed as counting officers for the upcoming 2020 Population Census.

2) any Muslim who is in a position to employ people for the Census should prefer Muslims over Christians.

3) Muslims employed as counting officers should add ghost names to inflate the Muslim population in Ghana.

At this point, you are right to question the purposes of Christian council, Ghana Pentecostal and charismatic Council and the others.

I almost concluded that Christianity has no agenda until I became a member of *The Ekklesia Council*

The Ekklesia Council teaches that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with the Creator. And that Christianity is not a church but a nation. *1Peter 2:9* Again, Christianity is not about going to Heaven and Heaven alone but by bringing Heaven to Earth. *Luke 11:2.* we can only do this heavenization effectively if we become responsible for the upkeep of God’s property – the universe. *Gen. 2:15.* we can become responsible sons and daughters only if we take over the reigns of government. *Gen. 1:26 & 28.* In fact, Occupying every department of life particularly government until Christ second coming. *Luke 19:13* is the Christian agenda

That’s the agenda of Christ and therefore, Christianity. For this reason, we should never in any way ignore the latest agenda of Muslims which aims at inflating the upcoming Population Census.

Share this across if you do, Our children would continue to serve God in peace. But if you don’t…

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