the gods are angry; Nana Agradaa sacks “big Akwess” from Thunder TV



Kumawood star cum Tv presenter Big Akwess has been sacked by Nana Agradaa. Authoritatively confirmed reports on live Tv saw Nana Agradaa disclaiming and denouncing Big Akwess to keep off all her intellectual and media properties because the latter has been sacked by her .

Speaking on her Thunder Tv during her popular Talking Point show, Nana Agradaa indicated that Big Akwess can’t sit his ass down.

“Today he is seen with this pastor, tomorrow he is there with that Pastor. The next day he comes to me. I can’t tolerate that.” She indicated.

” I’ve sacked him and have no business with him. Those of you doing business with him out there does so at your own peril. Big Akwess is no more here at Thunder Tv. ” She continued.

” I’ve heard that he has gathered people for acting up a fan club in my name. Listen, if you’re part of that group, better advise yourself because I’m not party to that. My business with Big Akwess is no more “.She stated.

” I don’t sack for nothing. I tested him many times of which he failed miserably in all. He can’t give me problem. I’ve dumped him. Let that be a warning to you all around me. If you try to play smart with any pastor or whatsoever, you will be sacked ” She cautioned her existing workers.

Big Akwess was once the right hand man of Nana Agradaa. Hosting and promoting her on many platforms.


Source; opera news

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