“The God Of John Mahama Never Sleeps”, An Open Letter To Those Who Hate Him



Current Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for Afigya Sekyere East Constituency, Suleiman Abdullah has made claims that the God of Former President John Dramani Mahama will never go to sleep.

In his open note to those who said all manner of words when the former president John Dramani Mahama was office, the young politician claims that those words have cost Ghanaians greatly more than Mahama’s reputation.

Below lies the Full Text

“Over the few months, I have seen videos, audios and write-ups from some media personnel and persons from Reputable Organizations, confessing on how they collectively decided to destroy the reputation of Mahama and his Administration.

Some confess how they deliberately hated John Mahama for no reason and saw nothing positive about his Government.


Out of hatred or whatever, some media persons sat on radio and insulted him including calling him all sorts of names. They deliberately allowed callers to call into the programs and pour open insults and read text messages containing insults directly aimed at Mahama live on radio.

They admit they were unfair to Mahama; some have even swallowed their pride and have openly apologized to Mahama. The damage they did to his reputation and government cost Ghanaians a lot not Mahama.

But hey, the man full of humility has forgiven them and says he will allow posterity to always be the his judge.

I urge all comrades to desist from attacking such people. Let us allow them to confess one after the other. The damage and mess they created must be fixed and cleansed by themselves.

They will wash Mahama with ‘Zamzam’ ( Holy Water from Mecca) with sweet scented soap ever used and clad him with the most expensive ‘Fuugu’ and present him to Ghanaians as the ‘Messiah’.

Ours is to focus on the reorganization from the Branch to the National level. Apart from our target, which is to win and rescue Ghanaians from the untold hardships visited on us by this administration, everything else must be treated as a destruction.”

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  1. Who told you all people would like you when you come to public space. Even Jesus the son of God had his share.

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