The facts are emerging: Boko Haram’s source of income revealed

Reports were carried out that the members of the Jama’atu Ahliss-Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad, popularly known as Boko Haram, made about $70million (about N11 billion).

This shocking revelation was made by a retired American military personnel of Nigerian.

But another source has also made a discovery that many of the bank raids and armed robbery occurrences which became rampant in some parts of the North were orchestrated by members of the sect.

A security source, while corroborating some of the revelations by the military personnel revealed that the funds did not just come from one mono-source of one trans-national criminal activity.

Also, with a clever web of a series of trans-national organized criminal activities, Boko Haram, a mere assembly of rag-tag political thugs masquerading as Islamic evangelists, has been able to rake in so much money from its sponsors.

In the process, the group is also demonstrating that it can inflict maximum catastrophe and destruction on the nation.

The trans-national crimes used to secure funds for the group include but are not limited to the following: drug trafficking, smuggling, weapons trafficking, money laundering, kidnap for ransom, opinion sale and outright armed robbery.

Source; Opera news

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