Tested And Approved: Boil Neem And Pawpaw Leaves To Treat These Diseases

It is an open knowledge that one of the most common sicknesses in the world are malaria and catarrh as well as headache and running stomach .

These maladies are not sometimes deadly but good health is all that really matters in humans of all walks of life and as such we should all try as much as we can to learn some few home remedies on how to cure some common diseases at home rather than depending on the pharmacist or doctor all the time .

Antelaea azadirachta popularly known as neem tree is one of the most common plants in our environment but majority of people do not know its importance and role it may play in our health .

The famous Neem tree leaves with this bitter or some times slightly sweet nature are very good medicinal and it’s highly efficacious in treating headache and cough catarrh and malaria as well as solving the feeling of constant vomiting .

It contains about 7 percent of protein and 23 percent of minerals such as calcium and vitamin c and phosphorus.

Pawpaw leaves on the other hand has good amount of antioxidants and pantothenic acids as well as folate and plant fiber which are good for curing diseases and healing the body.

If you are suffering from constant headache then you are advise through this article to take the remedy below carefully.


Pluck a medium sized branch from a neem tree which has enough leaves and put them into a basin of water .

Wash the leaves quickly before they loose their chlorophyll and put it on to another pot with about 3 to 5 cups of water and put it on fire .

Allow the leaves to boil till they loose they’re chlorophyll thereby turning into a yellowish brown color totally different from it natural state .

After that stage, drain the content of the mixture and drink it two times daily and your headache will be gone .

This remedy is also good for people who are suffering from catarrh and cold .

Those suffering from stomach upsets can also boil or blend pawpaw leaves and neem tree leaves together untill they loose their green color just like the first remedy above .

After doing that you will drain the water from the leaves and with the help of a sieve or qualander you sieve it thoroughly to trap debris and broken leaves .

Fill into bottles, add sugar if you wish and then refrigerate to achieve the best results .

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