Tested And Approved: Boil Lemongrass 10 mins, Drink To Cure These Diseases



I know very well that you have heard of Lemongrass before.

However, I will not be surprised if your answer is No.

There are people who have seen this herb before but are not privy to its health benefits.

I am optimistic that after reading this article published by, you will go around the back of your house or to your school field to search for this powerful grass.

What makes Lemon Grass special?


As a matter of truth, lemongrass is very special and powerful but most Ghanaians do not realize it due to modern ways of treating diseases.

Otherwise known as Cymbopogon, this grass is a perennial tropical plant belonging to the family of grass called Poaceae.

Lemongrass is widely known across the world due to its great medicinal purposes.

It carries a great nutritional profile and houses a number of the vital plant compound.

More importantly, the grass is known to have antioxidants, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.

How to prepare healthy lemongrass drink

Things Needed

1. Dried lemongrass

2. Water


After obtaining your ingredients, you may want to put about 2-4 teaspoons of fresh dried lemongrass into a clean pot or container. Add one cup of water to it and allow it to boil. After boiling for about 10 minutes, steep it and strain the juicy part of it to make your tea.

Your herbal tea is ready for intake.

You can serve it hot or chilled by taking it once or twice everyday.

Some Health Benefits Of Drinking The Tea

A. It can reduce the risk of menstrual pain, bloating and other stomach disorders.

B. It is good for those who want to lose weight

C. It has the capabilities to control cholesterol level.

D. People dealing with high blood pressure can use it for their benefit

E. It reduces the risk of cancer and digestive problems

F. It can cure other infections including flu, cold, flatulence and more.

Here Are Some Potential Side Effects

Indeed, lemongrass is very beneficial but not for all. As such, we advise people dealing with the below problems to stay away from it or consult their doctor before using it due to underlined side effects.

1. If you are suffering from dizziness

2. Dry mouth

3. Increases urination and hunger.

Thank you very much.

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