Tell us what you have done for Ketu South- CEO spits on Akuffo Addo



THE CHIEF Executive Officer of Marrer Ghana Limited and Susatgad Boat Building and Fishing Industries, Mr Novihoho Afaglo has slammed both the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for refusing to develop the Volta Region.

According to the CEO, both parties have failed the people of Volta.

He gave reasons that a region which for many years now has been described as a world bank for the duo still lacks behind in development.

Mr Afaglo said it is high time people in Volta Region terminated their support for both parties consequent to the lack of development and unfulfilled manifesto promises.

“ …until these two parties establish schools, setup factories to create employment for the youth, residents will continue to wallow in poverty,” he stated.


He said that the political figures who emerged from Ketu South and are members of the two parties such as Archibald Letsa, Okudzeto Ablakwa, Dzifa Gomashie and a host of others have all out lived their usefulness.

He indicated that the only development in the area are those that their forefathers did during the PNDC.

“My father Tougbui Satsimadza Afari II single handedly commenced the development of the Ketu South District by building schools, hospitals.

He invested in the agricultural sector as well but these politicians have done nothing for us”.

Source; www.leakynews.net

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