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“Tell Them…We Will Meet Them With Brute Force”- Defense Minister Vows



Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Defense (designate) Hon Kofi Amankwah Manu has vowed to deploy the military to deal ruthlessly with armed robbers who have taken over Akyeremade Behenase electoral area of the Atwima Kwanwoma District.

Following the upsurge in robbery cases presently characterising the area over which he presides as the Member of Parliament, he strongly announced that through the assistance of the military, he will come with brute force to assist the police in the area to clamp down on all those involved in the act.

He gave a wild indication that he will not exercise any linency in ensuring that perpetrators who trouble residents on daily basis are paid in their own coin.

The honourable Minister gave the above assurance when he was speaking at a security meeting with residents and house owners; an attempt to address security challenges in the area.

It emerged during the meeting that those involved in the criminal act in question have taken residence in the area and that at least six houses are robbed everyday.


On the day the meeting was held which was Sunday 9th May 2021, some house owners informed in an interview that they were robbed on that very day.

They gave narration that their houses were broke into by armed men at dawn.

“They took away two laptops and a physical cash of GH 8,000. When they were done with me, they moved to another house for another robbery. They operate with motor bikes”, a victim narrated.

Addressing the gathering, Hon Amankwah Manu in a wild tone stated that; ” If you know of any person involved in robbery better advise him or her. It is never too late for them to back out.
And those engaged in those activities it is never too late for them to back out.

But if they insist and persist in that activity, we will also meet them with brute force because this thing will never succeed in Atwima Kwanwoma. Not when I am the Deputy Minister for Defense”.

By Enock Akonnor, Editor-In-Chief


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