Tell Them To Come, I’m Ready To Match Them Boot For Boot- Kennedy Agyapong to Assassins

The honourable Member of Parliament for Assin Central Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has given a strong hint that he will be waiting at his house for persons who are planning to attack him on Thursday.

The voiceferous law-maker without fear or favour has given a wild warning that he is willing to match those assassins boot for boot.

Outspoken Kennedy when issuing the foregoing statement on his NET 2 television indicated that he has received many calls about a plan by the unknown assailants to attack his family.

He continued to disclose that their plans are already known and if they dare try, he will retaliate with another violence.

Honourable Kennedy was however unable to mention the names of assassins.

In his statement, he warned them to stop their evil plans before anything bad happens.

He continued to dare them that he will not move an inch from his house because he is ready to face anyone who tries him.

“I had a call today that I should vacate my house because on Thursday some assailants will come and attack me and my family at 12 AM. But I’m not moving an inch from my house.

I’m very alert waiting for them. They should come and meet me. I’m also ready for them.

Whoever sent them has failed in advance. I’m not that cheap for anyone to just attack me at my own house. Tell them to come, I will be waiting patiently for them with my family.” Mr. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong informed Kwaku Annan in a telephone conversation.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong continued to add that he does not joke with his security and nobody can attack him with ease.

Source; Opera News

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