Teachers’ posting and transfer froozen for 10 years



State government will be setting in motion a legislation to freeze the transfer and posting of teachers for 10 years, Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has stated.

He again disclosed that anyone who recommend and approve any of such transfer will be punished with three years imprisonment.

The Education Minister in a state assembly said, “The state government will table a bill whereby once a teacher is appointed to a district, he has to stay for 10 years. There will be no transfer or posting during this period. Anyone recommending or approving such transfer will have to face imprisonment for three years”.

He added, “All transfers made in the last three years will be annulled and those who got transferred will have to go to the original place of posting. A committee will be constituted which will look into special cases, like a particular person in Divyangjan or forced to leave a place under duress”.

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