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Teacher allegedly defiles, impregnates & threatens girl with death

A teacher has allegedly defiled and impregnated a 15-year-old Junior High School graduate who is battling for her life at Ajumako Afransi in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District of the Central Region.

Information gathered by indicates that the teacher, Erasmus Canny Kattey, organized a party for the JHS graduates where he reportedly defiled her.

The victim [name witheld] narrating her ordeal said on September 18, 2020, the teacher asked her to bring him water in his room which was not far from the school but upon reaching the room, the teacher allegedly pushed her onto the bed, inserted medicine in her private and reportedly defiled her.

According to the girl, the teacher covered her mouth with clothes so she couldn’t shout for help and after defiled, her and further threatened to kill her spiritually if she tells anybody.

“He told me not to tell anybody else I will die mysteriously, he showed me talesman, a pot with some bird feathers and some items believed to be spiritual materials that if I opened my mouth and tell anybody I will die” she added.

The victim for fear of her life decided not to tell anybody but after she completed the Junior High School, she started feeling ill adding, my waist, back, started paining me so I was sent to hospital by my parents and the doctor told my parents someone had defiled and impregnated me so the doctor asked me and I told him the truth. I was afraid to tell my parents because of what Sir Erasmus Canny Kattey told me”

Grandmother of the victim Maame Efe Mansa also revealed that her granddaughter who was a virgin started showing some symptoms of pregnancy hence was sent to the hospital.

She accused the teacher of sleeping with his pupils and yet, he has not been punished.

She added the granddaughter was battling her for life because she is not in the best of shape medically.

The father of the victim, Mr. Simon Kweku Banda revealed they have reported the incident to the police but the suspect has been granted bail.

He alleges the police want to make the cash a foolish one despite the pain the daughter was going through.

source; rainbowradioonline

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