takyiman municipal assembly opens tender for Ghana Secondary city support Project



Takyiman Municipal Assembly on Wednesday opened tender for prospective contractors to bid for the redevelopment of the popular Nana Abena Market which falls under the Ghana Secondary City Support Project.

The project is funded by the World Bank and has been divided into three lots.

The first lot comprises the construction of a two storey building, second lot which include the construction of mini shops while the third lot consists of the putting up of a spacious car park, clinic, administration block, Cretch among other facilities.


Held at the assembly hall, tendering was closed exactly 10:00 am and close to 10 contractors turned up with their respective documents and bid prices to tender  for the 5-year project.

Names of Construction firms and their bid prices under each lot are catalogued below;


  • ELLFASONS Construction and Trading Enterprise Limited- GHs 4,195,739.90
  • BEKSFEL Construction Limited- GHs 3,907,650.89
  • JABORAH Construction Limited- GHs 3,676,776.73
  • PHELOPIA limited- GHs 4,241,112.96
  • ELIM TWELEVE SEVENTY Limite- GHs 3,600,270.85
  • MIGHTY Construction Enterprise Limited- GHs 4,246,086.30


  • ELLFASONS Construction and Trading Enterprise Limited- GHs 4,195,739.90
  • ELIM TWELVE SEVENTY Limited- GHs 1,968,572.32
  • BEKSFEL Construction Limited- GHs 2,287,223.68
  • JEWUUU Construction Solutions Company Limited-GHs 2,496,862.08
  • WEALTA-WELL Company Limited-GHs 2,094,103.90
  • REGENT HOUSE Company Limited- GHs 2,397,289.55
  • JABORA Construction Limited- GHs 1,955,721.02


  • HALLWORT Ghana Limited- GHs 2,587,150.50
  • ELIM TWELVE SEVENTY Limted –GHs 2,229,359.55 with 10 percent discount
  • JABORAH Construction Limited- GHs 2,499,100.56
  • ELLFASONS Constrution and Trading Enterprise Limited- GHs 3,118,107.90
  • LICOS Enterprise Limited- GHs 2,435,422.75
  • BEKSFEL Construction Limited- GHs 2,464,610.17
  • AKUMASA Company Limited- GHs 2,351,150.30
  • ALHAJI and MADINA Company Limited- GHs 1,998,549.49

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, MCE for Takyiman Hon John Donyina announced that the assembly has so far been allocated an amount of USD 1,555,000 for the project.

He explained that all tendering processes will be evaluated by the evaluation panel who after one month will make recommendations to the tender committee for the short listing of right contractors to execute the project.






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