Drink Tiger Nut And Lipton Before Sleeping, This Will Happen To Your Body

As a matter of truth, I have a great interest in taking natural herba more than those prepared in the labs.

This is simply because I accept the reality that God provided us with these flowers, herbs and ingredients and gave them to us to cure us of any kind of disease.

This happens to be the reason why I want to school you through this article on the health benefits of drinking Lipton and tiger nut before bedtime.

Before I dive into the above, I would like to outline the natural ingredients they carry.

The popular tiger nut drink is produced from the tiger nut through a number of methods like soaking them in water to soften it and then squeezing out the juice.

Within some few minutes, the drink will be ready for its remarkable taste.

Tiger nut drink contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc.

It strengthens the bones and makes the body more healthier.

Lipton is also an incredible provider of antioxidants which has the ability to restore and prevent diseases,
reduce inflammation and enhances coronary fitness.


If you want to prepare a mixture of the duo, first thing is to get the tiger nut juice.

To obtain the juice, what you have to do is to soak them in water for a whole day to get them softened.

When you realise that they have become soft, quickly mash them well until the juice comes out easily and then filter it through a clean cloth.

The next thing is to add your Lipton tea to it and let it absorb the nutrients.

Drink the mixture tm3 times a day.

Provided below are some of the benefits;

A. It helps in boosting the immune system

B. It offers you an anti-aging benefits by making you look younger.

It makes your skin always smooth.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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