Stop Wearing Second-hand Clothing!! This Will Happen To Your Body

My dear reader, are you aware that second-hand clothes can be a potential transmitter of disease exposing users to high risk of skin and respiratory complications?

I’m sure you are not aware but for information it is very true.

Secondhand clothes are very fascinating due to their low prices.

Because of the foregoing, it has succeeded in achieving a considerable place among low-income countries.

According to health experts, these clothes can transmit two types of skin disease: microbial and fungal infections and viral infections.

Microbes and fungus which remain in clothes has the ability to cause skin diseases, including cellulitis, through contact of skin.

On a more scary note, some of these complications may be dangerous and even incurable.

The use of such clothes may also cause viral diseases including wart, herpes simplex and maloscum.

Microbial and bacterial factors remaining in secondhand clothes are highly resistant and cannot be obliterated by ordinary washing and must be disinfected through precise antisepticising process.

Those clothes, which are in direct contact with skin, including undergarments, have greater risk of disease transmission.

Premised on the above, it is strongly recommended that avoiding second-hand clothes is the best way to prevent diseases related to secondhand wears.

Thank you very much for reading.

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