Symptoms Of A Corrupt Government…Number 7 Is Typical Of A Certain Political Party

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For your information a corrupt government does not necessarily have to show all of these symptoms but I think that, the more symptoms one can see, the more the government is likely to be corrupt.

Provided below are some of them;

1. Lack of transparency in the personal finances/investments of politicians and top-level administrators

2. Lack of transparency in government decisions and budget.

3. The government is weaker than the interest groups and makes most of its decisions in the interest of the interest groups, rather than the interest/benefit of the people/country.

4. The budget is basically designed to move money from the taxpayer to interest groups, rather than back to the public in the form of services.
You seem to be paying the same or more in taxes but the government keeps reducing services to the public.

5. Regular and ongoing employment of family members, friends or business partners in government offices; changing job requirements to fit the experience (or lack thereof) of a specific person.

6. The checks and balances system (positions that are supposed to keep the government in line) is populated by friends, relatives or supporters of those in power.

7. Ongoing government officials’ attacks against the (free) media, against certain portions of the population, outside enemies and so forth. Or, media that is controlled by, and is never critical of, the government.

8 . Selling of public assets and natural resources to friends, relatives or to companies in which the government member(s) has an interest.

9. Revolving doors – One day you’re a government employee responsible to regulate banks, the next day you’re working for the bank.
A large and “untouchable” military budget, most of which goes to pay salaries, pensions and other benefits.

10. Government officials and ruling-party politicians sound a lot more nationalistic than patriotic. Nationalism is sometimes a way for a government to hide corruption.

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