suffering from chronic piles (kooko)? Here are natural remedies for you



Piles also medically called hemorrhoids.

Piles happen when varicose veins form around the anus of an individual.

If these veins are formed outside the anal sphincter, they are referred to as external hemorrhoids.

When they are formed inside the anal sphincter, they are referred to as internal hemorrhoids.

It comes with Soo much discomfort but they are not cancerous so focus on the cure and snub the pains.



Avoid refines and sugary foods such as biscuits, ice cream and soft drinks. Drink up to glasses of water especially warm on an empty stomach every morning.

Method 1


1)Handful of fresh Garlic.

2)Handful of Indian hemp/ganja/ marijuana.

3)200 ml of honey



-grind the garlic possibly with grinding stone

-Powder the dried Indian hemp possibly with grinding stone

-Mix the two together with the honey in a covered rubber overnight.


-Throw in a cottonwool bud to soak.

-Insert it into your anus everytime after defecating.

-Leave it there until next defecating.


-mucous liquid discharge every hour.

-Farting unexpectedly. But it is okay. It is part of the healing process.

Method 2


– Neem tree or Dogoyaro plant

– 8 cups of water


Squeeze some quantity of the leaves in the I bottles of water.

Dosage: Take 1 glass full twice daily for 3 days and then take a break of bone or two days and repeat it for another 3 days. Make a fresh one when the need arises.

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