Substance Abuse: NBU Alerts Students On Imminent Danger On Job Placement

Abdul Rahman Ashraf- Training and Events Coordinator for No Business as Usual (NBU) Project has given an alert on an impending damage which will hit Ghana’s job market as a result of substance abuse.

Considering how substance abuse is now on the ascendancy among Ghanaian youth with its attendant consequences, he underlined that job placement will be under a great threat owing to how the act has render a number of youth irrelevant.

Substance and for that matter drug abuse per his observation has made a number of people useless, hinting that ” a time is coming where job will be available but people to occupy those employment vacancies will not be available”.

Abdul Rahman Ashraf made the above statement when he was addressing a large gathering of students of Al-Azahariya Islamic Senior High School in Kumasi on Wednesday 16th June 2021.

His meeting with the students together with other health officials was held under the auspices of NBU Project; aimed at sensitizing them on its disastrous effects and the need for abstinence.

He explained that, per the status-quo, most institutions now look beyond academic qualification as a criteria for job placement.

“Ones medical report is now required”, he asserted, expatiating that the psychological strength of any job seeker among others are looked into before recruitment.

Ashraf lamented that “there are many people out there who are jobless because they couldn’t pass a medical test. Drug abuse has affected their health and barred their chances of getting employed”.

He therefore advised the students to abstain from substance abuse for a great future.

Adding his voice, Dr. Hilton Terry Kissie- a Physician Assistant by profession threw a spotlight on how substance abuse has kicked many out of their jobs.

He citied that even some of his colleague medical practitioners are no longer in the profession because of substance and drug abuse.

“Substance abuse is a major problem in Ghana”, he stressed.

“…if you have not started don’t try to go into it. You need to stop and if you have started and you know you can stop on your own you have to.

If you can’t, there is a room for you”, he told students at the event in his address.

His statement touched on the implications of drug abuse such as loss of memory, seizures, cardiovascular effects, hypertension, suppression of the immune system etc.

Other speakers at the event were Dr. Maame Konadu – Senior Clinical Psychologist (Tafo Government Hospital) and Imam Alhassan Issah- School Imam.

They talked about the Psychological effects of substance abuse on academic and career development and prevalence of substance abuse respectively.


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