Struggling with body odor? treat it with these 2 home-made remedies quickly

Maintaining a good personal hygiene is one of the most relevant thing to do in life.

Poor hygiene destroys many important things like our friendship, relationship, marriage and many other things. Nobody wants to be around if you smell very bad.

Body odor is the talking point in this article today. If you are having problems with body odor, this content is going to help you know how to treat the problem at low cost.

Before I start with the remedies, there is something I want to tell you about the problem.

Body odor is the unpleasant smell perceived by the body when bacteria that lives on the skin break down sweat into acids.

It becomes more evident if measures are not taken during adolescence.

People who sweat too much are susceptible to body odor.

According to studies conducted by health experts, sweat is virtually odorless. The unpleasant scent or smell eventually becomes present in sweat as a result of bacteria multiplying and breaking down sweat into acids.

Body odor occur in these places of the human body most:

• armpit

• groin

• in between the toes

• around the genitals

• pubic hairs

• behind the ears

There are two main remedies I would like to recommend for you to help you solve this problem.

The remedies is about using these two home made natural products.

The first remedy is by using lime. Lime is a natural fruit which contains antioxidative against bad scent. Lime is used to treat odor and it is one of the best remedy to use.

You can simply slice one or two limes into two. Apply them around the private parts and affected areas everyday before you go and bath. Also, you can choose to squeeze the lime into the water you are going to use to bath.

Another remedy against body odor is by using African black soap popularly known as ‘alata’ soap. This home or locally made soap contains natural ingredients including even lime, that helps fight against body odor.

Always try to bath regularly with black soap to get rid of the body odor you are struggling with.

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