Street lightening: “It Has Cost Us An Arm And Leg To Undertake These Works”-Sam Pyne



The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is doing its best to improve the street lightening situation of the metropolis by repairing faulty ones and restoring new ones; City Mayor Sam Pyne has disclosed.

It forms parts of measures aimed at enhancing the state of security.

Delivering his sessional address during the 1st Ordinary Meeting of the 4th Session of the 8th Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) held at the Prempeh Assembly Hall on Tuesday 18th April 2023, the City Mayor said the assembly has received 2,000 complete streetlights from the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development through the Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council.

Out of the number, KMA has installed about seven hundered and fifteen (715) of them in areas within four of the sub-metros.

In the course of last year 2022, he mentioned that the Minstry of Energy through the Assembly also distributed 3,000 pieces of street light bulbs.


50 pieces were given to each Assembly member for their electoral areas while the remaining are being used to replace the malfunctioning ones on the principal streets, vantage points and other areas within the metropolis.

“KMA has also through the Electrical Unit of its Works Department undertaken the replacement of bulbs and cables along some principal streets and in certain communities within the metropolis.”

“It has cost us an arm and leg to undertake these works. We are left with no choice but to ensure the safety and maintenance of these street lights to give us value for money”, he indicated.

Sam Pyne underscored that security has been his primary concern for the past year of his operation.

“ I have worked closely with the Metropolitan and Regional Security Councils to ensure the overall peace , safety and security of the metropolis.”

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