Stop wasting your money on tomatoes and pepper. Do this instead



Instead of spending your previous money on purchasing tomato or pepper on the market which sometimes may not be fresh, take this advise instead.

Have you ever considered practicing small farming but don’t have the land or time?

Let me school you on how you can plant few vegetables in pots.

You can have some few pots positioned on your veranda with grown plants e.g tomatoes and pepper you can eat later.

What you need to get started:


1.An earthen pot/Bucket which should be in good condition.

2. Loamy soil (manure).

3. Limestones/ evenly grained gravel

Step 1: Ensure that your pot is clean and free from dirt.

Step 2: Place a handful of the gravel at the bottom of your pot.

This will prevent root decay and allow proper drainage.

Step 3: Fill bucket with nutrient rich soil.

How to get a nutrient rich soil:

i. The soil must be loamy

ii. Get animal dung or poultry droppings

iii. Lastly get wood shavings (saw dust).

iv. Mix these 3 things together with small water (use hand if you can).

v. Thoroughly mix them.

Step 4: Fill your bucket/pot with the soil i.e on top of the limestone or gravel.

Step 5: Plant your crop. You can plant tomatoes or bell pepper (Rodo).

i. If you can’t get the seed from your tomato, no problem.

Slice your tomatoes & place a ring of it into the soil and cover.

ii. You can extract seed from your bell pepper and plant.

Step 6: Plant and watch your seed grow.


i. For this potted plant you don’t need to buy fertilizer.

There are home made nutrient you can add to your potted plant such as your hair/weave on hair (small) when added to the soil it is a good source of nitrogen to the plant.

ii. If there are bugs disturbing your potted plant, sharpen a pencil the shaff when added to plant repels bugs.

iii. After washing your rice with water during cooking, don’t throw away the water. Water it with the water.

It is a good source of nutrient for your potted plant.

iv. When you boil eggs the water has calcium content which you can add to your potted plant.

v. If there too much flies on your potted plant sprinkle soapy water on it. It repels the flies.

Planting crops in pot is very easy. You should be able to do it.

Hope you found this very insightful. Feel free to share and drop comments below

Source; opera news

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