Stop wasting your money of expensive cerelac cereals. See how to prepare your own



Cerelac cereal is meant for babies but the irresistible taste of cerelac makes adult develop interest for it.

Cerelac is very delicious and heavily nutritious. Nowadays , the prices of cerelac cereals can make one gape in disbelief and gawp at his or her empty wallet.

In this article , I will share with you how to prepare your own cerelac cereal .

Below are simple steps to prepare cerelac cereal at home.

Get all the ingredients and you are through. Let’s get started.



Mung dal



Almond seed


1. In a clean bowl , thoroughly wash the rice.

2.Thoroughly wash the Mung dal

3. Using a clean water , wash the almond seed .

4. On a low flame ,put the rice in a sauce pan and heat it until the water in it evaporates.Make sure you continuously stir to ensure a quick rate of evaporation until the rice becomes dry.Transfer the dry rice into a separate bowl.

5. put the wet Mung dal in a sauce pan and heat on a low flame until the water content is removed.

6. Heat the almond seed also.

7. Put the rice,Mung dal and almond seed in a blender and blend to form a uniform powder(mixture).

8. The cerelac powder is ready! You can then mix the powder in water to form a paste and enjoy.

This is how to prepare cerelac cereal.

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