Stop wasting money on de-wormers, see how to use coconut to de-worm

Many people are not privy to the fact that coconut can save their 3-month spending on dewormers.

After going through this article, you will not only know but see how to use some part of the coconut plant for de-worming.

So you may be wondering which part or of the coconut are you going to use for this remedy.

Well for your information it is no other part or form than the coconut oil.

Since ages, the coconut oil has been used for treating many ailments including fever, headache, and topically for treating dandruff.

In as much as we will today look at only the oil, it is a reasonable idea to to equip yourself with the info that the coconut water is also a medicine for those suffering from urinary problems, likewise the root which is good for treating fibroid and also eczema.

How to Deworm with Coconut Oil

Obtain a fresh coconut. Grate using a grater and squeeze the oil from it into a clean glass.

After you have the oil, both adult and children can take one tablespoon in the morning.

Do the same in the evening as well.

That is all, you now know how to use coconut oil for de-worming.

Please stop wasting money on de-wormers and go to the old school way.

Source; Opera News

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