Stop using this ingredient to cook beans, it affects the liver



Bean is a leguminous crop that offers anyone who consumes it protein.

Soo many people like the intake of beans as they at times use it to prepare “Waakye, Gari and beans, rice and beans stew”, and many more but many people also use it in a very bad way.

In the boiling of beans, it can take a long time for it to be boiled which many people don’t like it that way so they add some ingredients to it in so as to limit its time to boil.

There are some ingredients which if you put in beans when cooking can affect the liver.


The liver is the largest organ in the body and it plays a vital role such as food detoxification and fat emulsification.

Some of the ingredients that some people add to beans when cooking it is potash (Kawu). This potash help reduce the time for cooking the beans but it also affects our sysyem.

It can affect the bacteria in a system called the escherichia coli which helps protect the body and also affect the liver if it is continually consumed.

In order to protect the liver and the whole body kindly stop the use of potash to prepare your beans.

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