Stop Using The Word “Said” When Writing Articles. Use These Alternatives

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Our focus today is on the application of the word “Said” in article writing.

The word “Said” is used to describe someone saying something.

It is normally applied in a reported format in articles.

A classic example is when quoting what someone “Said”.

However, presently, the word “Said” has been categorized into a different context.

Here are words you can apply in a sentence instead of using “Said”

Using It In A Normal Context:

Instead of “Said”, Use words like Remarked, Reported, Added, Stated, etc.

(For Example) Lionel Messi Said he is the best player

Lionel Messi Stated that he is the best player.

Lionel Messi Remarked that he is the best player.

Tone Context

For effectiveness in writing, the tone of what was spoken must be always be established.

If a writer uses “Said” all the time, it will be very difficult for him to establish the tone or the emotion behind the words that were spoken.

When Quoting Angry Words

Instead of “Said” Use better words like Shouted, Belted, yelled, exclaimed, called, etc.

(For Example)

Shola was very angry and she said that I should leave her alone.

Shola was very angry and she yelled that I should leave her alone.

When Quoting Happy Words Use words like Joked, Beamed, Cheered, giggled, rejoiced, etc.

(For Example)

Joke barely passed her exam and she said that she is a genius

Joke barely passed her exam and she Joked that she is a genius.

Do you understand the difference? I hope you do

It is not that using the Word “Said” is not allowed, but to be rated as a good writer, you have to develop your vocabulary and update it.

Provided below are other words for different contexts

When Quoting Sad Words = Cried, bemoaned, groaned, sobbed, etc.

When Quoting Quiet Words = Mumbled, muttered, Whispered, etc.

When Quoting Bossy Words = Dictated, Commanded, Ordered, etc.

Thank you very much for your time. I trust I didn’t waste your credit.

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