Stop Using Ceiling Fans, They Cause These 3 Health Complications.

This medium would like to school you today on some dangers associated with the dangers of using ceiling fans in your room or houses.

We all know that ceiling fans are one of the oldest and most common household appliances found in our homes purposely for ventilation.

Even though they are very cheap and easy to maintain when compared to others in this category like the air conditioners, the air generated from fans are very dangerous to the health than you think and that they do more harm than good.

Please have this in mind that apart from it being a potential source of fire outbreak, the air from fans are very risky and harmful to the health especially when we are asleep.

These are some of the health hazards caused by using ceiling fans


According to medics, Asthma is a condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed, narrow and swell and produce extra mucus, which makes it very difficult to breathe.

A very notable thing about fans is the energy of its blade to accumulate and retain dust and pollen.

Whenever the ceiling fans are switched on, they circulate these substances and we breath them in. Now this causes the dry air and eventually escalates to asthma if continued.

B. Muscle Sore

Muscle sore is a condition which is characterized by stiffening of muscle fibres.

Long exposure to sleeping with a fan on causes the muscles to become stiff because of constriction of blood vessels which leads to restricted blood flow hence stiffening of muscles.

This situation can be realised in areas like the neck, the knee and the waist. It is very advisable to stop using a ceiling fan as it obstructs the circulation of blood, this can even lead to shock.


Syptoms of this condition are joint pain and inflammation, it is usually realised around the knee region.

Prolonged fan air on the body can trigger joint pain due to the restricting or less amount of blood pain in that area, this pain can escalate to inflammation in the case of older people.

The above-mentioned are some health complications that can be caused by using a fan at home whenever you are sleeping.

Now the big question is what then can we use?

As a good health Samaritan, I will tell you that it is advisable to use air conditioners as they are more healthy when compared to fan.

Air conditioners remove warm air and replace it with cooler air by treating air through a refrigeration cycle.

Air produced by air conditioners circulate around the room thereby reducing risk of joint pain.

Air conditioners also decreases the risk of asthma.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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