Stop Throwing Watermelon Peels Away…It Does This To Your Body

Watermelon peel benefits

In fact just like the seeds and pulp, watermelon peel also acts as a storehouse of nutrients.

And with all the water content contained in the peel, it acts as a powerful moisturising agent and a natural cleanser to improve your skin tone.

If you care to know, the presence of fibre, antioxidants and polyphenols in the peel, makes it a healthy option to include in your diet as well.

2. As a natural cleanser:

After a tough day at work or wandering in the sun, your skin bears the brunt. And to rejuvenate its moisture and help you deal with dry skin, it cleanses the skin by removing the dirt particles, which might increase your risk of acne.

3. Prevents skin damage:

The free radicals not only attack the healthy skin cells but also lead to the accumulation toxic compounds, which might lead to premature ageing and wrinkles on the skin. However, rubbing watermelon peel on the skin not only neutralises the free radicals but helps in replenishing the water content making your skin healthy and glowing.

4. Helps you melt fat:

The high fibre content of the watermelon peel makes it a perfect weight loss ingredient.

The white part, which is usually discarded, can be added to salads and curries, to aid your weight loss goal.

Here Is How to use it?

Rub the inner portion of watermelon peel on your face and neck.

Let it dry naturally and then wash with water.

You can even replace it with the commercial cleanser.

Do this every day for a glowing and soft skin.

Watermelon Recipes

Although sipping a glass of chilled watermelon juice on a hot summer day is quire relaxing, there s more you can do with watermelon, then drinking its juice.

Here are some of the healthy and quick watermelon recipes you can try at home.

1. Watermelon iced tea

2. Watermelon mojito

3. Watermelon slush

4. Watermelon tomato salad

5. Watermelon peel sabzi

Tips to keep in mind

Before you seriously consider including watermelon in your diet and reap its numerous health benefits, here are some tips you need to follow without fail.

1. Avoid eating it at night:

You can enjoy watermelon at any time of the day but not in the night, suggests Deepshikha Agarwal, dietician and sports nutritionist, Mumbai.

Although watermelon has sugar and fibre, which helps you to satiate your hunger pangs, eating it a late night might increase your risk of acidity and other stomach woes.

It is due to the high water content of watermelons, which makes it a strict no-no to snack late at night as it might cause water retention and bloating.

Thank you so much.

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