Stop Throwing Coconut Husks Away, They Are Medicine

A high number of people think that coconut husks are only used for the production of things such as floor mats, doormats,ropes,cleaning teeth, brushes,carpet, car seats covers,bristles and mattresses.

Ignorantly, people often thrown them away because they are not aware of the litany of health benefits it could offer to the human body.

Now what we all know as the coconut palm is famously referred to as the ” Tree of Life” because of its high value as both a source of food and medicine world wide.

Please don’t forget that coconut husk is the brown rough exterior shells of the medicine.

As a matter of truth, Coconut husks tea have been used for maintaining oral hygiene for many years now.

If somebody is suffering from toothache, you could just gargle with this tea and be relieved from that dental pain.

Never forget to add a little salt to it.

Get this straight, this herbal cure also gives you fresh breath and gets rid of any unpleasant mouth odour.

Are you aware that Coconut husk extract has a capability as an anti- inflammatory, anti- cancer and traditional treatment for diarrhea? This is very true.

The coconut husk tea is also an excellent home remedy for treating diarrhoea.

Another benefit is that, It keeps you hydrated and restores your lost energy.

Coconuts husk tea is so much endowed with medicinal ability to treat diabetes as well.

Per an experiment that was carried out on diabetic rats in Nigeria, scientists drew conclusion that, Cocos nucifera which is coconut husk tea has a significant hypoglycemic and anti- diabetic effects in alloxan- induced diabetes.

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