Stop Singing “Arose, Arose, Arose”, It’s Wrong. Say This Instead

Welcome to this educative article.

The anthem of the popular Accra Hearts of Oak is arguably the most moving, simple and yet melodious tune when it comes to football club anthems in Ghana.

Growing up, it was one of the songs I quickly picked up by because of the fact that the neighborhood had a lot of ‘Hearts’ fans.

Most of Ghanaian children even today can easily sing along.

Because it has a nice melody, singing it is no doubt very enjoyable.

People who are not ‘Hearts’ fans, like me, readily admit that the tune is truly a nice one.

However, something about the song had always kept me thinking.

As my comprehension of the English language shot up, I got to realize that whenever people sang the song, I could not wrap my head around it.

To me it was not understandable.

This is how we heard people sing it, of course and we followed:


Be quiet and don’t be silly

We are the famous Hearts of Oak

We never say die.” -end of song.

The first two lines had always bothered me so much.

This is because, the first line had its own grammatical challenges, ‘Arose’ did not sound good to the ear.

Then there is the second line which has, “be quiet and don’t be silly”. That line in terms of the sentiments it expressed did not tie into the song as a whole.

Infact what relationship at all did being “quiet” have with being “silly”?

But then, since everyone else was singing it like that, including the ‘big men’, everyone else followed, throwing comprehension out of the window.

What then is the correct way of singing the famous ‘Arose’ song?

Well here you go;


Be quiet and don’t be SEEN

We are the famous Hearts of Oak

We never say die.”

This surely drives the point home compared to what we have been singing all along.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

And Oh, I am a Kotoko fan.

Thank you very much for your time

Source; Opera News

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