Stop Saying “Your phone Is Ringing”, It’s Wrong. Say This Instead

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Today will school you on some wrong expressions we make when communicating via a communication device (phone) and why we should avoid them

Provided below are some of them;

1. Pick your call.

This phrase is very wrong. The verb pick does not express this context.

To pick has to do will selection or option. To pick also means to pick something from the floor.

Say This: “answer your call”.

2. “Your phone is ringing”

The ring may not be totally wrong but a phone may be ringing when someone does not have a call. It may be an alarm tone.

Say This: “you have a caller.”

3. “I saw your missed call.”

This expression is grammatically wrong.

The verb “see” does not align with this context. You can only miss a call not to see a call.

Say: “I missed your call.”

4. “Your voice is cracking I can’t hear you.”

Only a block or metal can crack. An object can also crack but a phone network can’t crack.

Say This : “the line is breaking”

5. Flash me.

This is very common. It is so wrong to say this word. ‘Flash’ has to do with light not call.

Say This: “give me a drop-call”

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