Stop saying “you are welcome” when people thank you. Say this instead

English Language is one of the highly-Spoken languages in Ghana and other parts of the world since it is necessary for day-to-day communication.

Nonetheless, your ability to communicate fluently and effectively with English language is a great skill that can open great doors for you both in your business and personal life.

Perhaps, Did you know “You’re welcome” isn’t the only way to respond when someone acknowledges your goodness.

Sometimes a person seems to lack appropriate words to use when acknowledging someone’s appreciation.

Checkout some other words you can substitute “You are welcome” with:

– Anytime

– It was Nothing

– Not at all

– it’s okay

– Glad to have helped.

– Never mention.

– Sure.

– My pleasure.

– You got it.

– it’s alright.

– Don’t Mention it.

– Oh anytime.

– Glad to be of any assistance.

– Happy to serve you.

– No worries.

– I’m happy to help.

– Not a Problem.

– Cool.

– Of Course.

All of the above Phrases mean that the person was glad to have helped you and you shouldn’t worry about thanking them.

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Source; opera news

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