Stop saying “thank you” whenever you’re is childish. Say these instead



English as we already know is a day to day spoken language in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are still finding it hard to make good, furnished and correct english.

In this article, you will discover the reason why the sentence “thank you” is incorrect, and other correct words to use instead of “thank you” when you want to show appreciation.

The sentence “thank you” is a big grammatical blunder.

“Thank you” is not naturally parts of english sentences found in English, instead use these;


“It’s my pleasure”, “Much obliged”, ” I really appreciate it”, “I owe you one”, ” Thanks a ton”, “I am eternally grateful”, ” I can’t thank you enough”, “please accept my deepest thanks”, ” I do not know how to thank you”, “words can’t describe how grateful I am”, ” you are a life saver”, “I am in your debt”, ” I thank you most warmly”.

These words also demonstrate appreciation for what someone did for you or to you. It is extremely wrong to say “thank you”, as it is tagged a gramnatical blunder.

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