Stop Saying “SIR” When Addressing Someone. It’s A Slavery Word. Say This Instead



Good day my good friend.

Historically the word “SIR” gained weight and unsurpassed popularity during the era of slavery.

Because of the language barrier that existed between slave masters and their slaves, both side was unable to pronounced each other’s names in a correct way.

For example, unlettered black slaves could not pronounced English names correctly.

Example, Christopher might have been pronounced as “Fristova,’ and Benjamin as ‘ danger me.”


Infact such derogatory calling of names of masters was one of the factors that led to the introduction of the word “SIR” as a neutral ground for proper addressing the masters instead of rubbishing their honoured names by mere slaves.

Again, the slave masters though well lettered, could not pronounced jaw breaking Africa names.

Example, Oluruntimiyin, Nwabueze, among others, might have been pronounced in a funny way by slave masters.

And most of the slave does not answer his or her name because of the pronunciations usually lacked relationship with the names.

So, as a way of putting an end to the challenges that barrier languages brought upon masters and their servants, SIR was introduced for the man, his Sons, male friends, etc, while madam/e for the master’s wife, Female slave masters and their daughters, etc.

With that arrangement, the slavers were no longer calling their masters by names.

All they need to say is SIR/madam/e.

The master on the other hand, coined words like BOY, GIRL for their servants.

Every man, both old and young is called BOY while the female slaves, both old and young is called GIRL.

So, if the master shout to his manservant: “Boy/Girl’ s/he will respond, ‘SIR/MADAM/E’, and the slaver masters will give an order; get me an apple and a glass of wine, and the BOY/GIRL will respond; ” yes SIR,/MADAM/E” etc..

So, if you observe the word SIR very well, you all discover that it portrayed the picture of master and servant relationship.

Whenever you say SIR, you are answering from a lower level.

You occupied the position of lower person while the person that you addresses as a SIR occupies a higher position.

What that means is, he is above while you are below.

That is the reason why president of all countries are usually addressed as Mr. President and not as SIR. President.

This is because Mr. applies horizontally while SIR applies vertically. For instance, turn to educated man beside you and say; ” hello Mr! That person will reply thus; ‘ hi Mr! Can I help you?”

“Mr.” is a contemporary title that does not place either of the parties in communion below or above one another but on equal footing irrespective of their age, education and otherwise.

So, instead of using SLAVERY WORDS that position you below the person you are addressing just like SLAVE, use Mr. instead that will place you and the person that you are communicating with on equal scale.

Have wasted your megabits?

Oh no, I don’t think so.

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