Stop saying “screen touch”. It’s wrong.

As people, we can’t do without making mistakes. Not only when we go about our daily activities but even while communicating with others we still make some errors without knowing

I want to share some simple mistakes we make while communicating.

1. The list of items are on the desk – incorrect

The list of items is on the desk – correct

2. She had already went to school before anyone woke up – incorrect

She had already gone to school before anymore woke up – correct.

3. Stop watching my records – incorrect

Stop looking at my records – correct

4. Can you borrow me 10k ? – incorrect

Can you loan me 10k ? – correct.

5. We drive usually to home – incorrect

We usually drive home – correct.

Stop saying “screen touch”, the correct expression is ” touch screen”. This is mostly used by people and they don’t know it is very wrong. Even if you check your dictionary, there is nothing like “screen touch”, it is “touch screen”.

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