Stop saying “please sir”. It’s wrong. Say this instead



Though the Queen’s tongue is not our local dialect but it has become necessary to learn it since it is an international language.

If we are bound to learn it, then it has to be done in the best way.

There are some common errors we make and have been making because we see them to be correct.

It has been used in our normal conversations and our attention has not been drawn it. Grammatical mistakes are pardonable when speaking but it not, when writing them.

The following are common mistakes we mostly make thinking they are correct but in reality they are not.


1. Please Sir

Mostly when one wants to collect something or ask for something, he or she will begin by Please, and adds the name of the person. They go like, please sir, please madam, please Ama, please Kofi. This is totally wrong. When you want to add please to your speech, the noun should come before please.

Example: Sir Please, Ama Please, Madam Please etc. This is the correct way rather.

2. I want to

This is another phrase we normally use which sounds correct but one way or the other, it is wrong.

Example: I want to know. I want to leave. I want to ask.

This sounds correct though but it sounds harsh and looks like a command. The most correct way of saying it is;

I would like to know. I would like to leave. I would like to ask.

3. My body is scratching

Most people say this which is totally and grammatically incorrect. Your body cannot scratch. The correct way to say it is, my body is itching. So when it itces, then you scratch.

4. Something is holding me

This is tautology. It does not exist anywhere. There is not way something can hold someone.

The correct word is ‘I am holding something’.

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