Stop saying “love is blind”. It Is Wrong. Say This Instead

Speaking good English is an everyday struggle and it almost impossible to know all the correct grammatical expressions.

But you will also agree with me on the fact that many people have inadvertently clung to wrong grammatical expressions for long, hence making the task of correcting them difficult.

Ghanaians are not left out as they have also utilized many English words to fit their taste.

A number of this words are common, but some have become so deeply etched in our day-to-day activities that it have become generally accepted as the correct expression.

One of these English expressions is ‘Love is blind’. This expression is wrong.

‘Love’ is an abstract noun(meaning it can neither be seen nor touched, just like the words wisdom, knowledge, faith, hate, etc),  hence cannot take the qualities of animate (opposite of inaminate) objects.

Even though some inaminate objects can take some human attributes (e.g agents of weather like wind,rain and storm),’love’ as an abstract noun cannot take on the form of personification.

Before I drive my points home,let us look at a scenario.

James: Is that Alex and Bella?

Collins: Yes. Love is indeed blind.

The expression above is wrong. Since love can neither be seen or touched, it can never take the place of animate objects which are used in personification.

Here is the correct expression: Lovers are blind.

Now, let us replay the above scenario I cited as an example. Assuming James were to say,….

James: Is that Alex and Bella?

Collins: Yes. Lovers are indeed blind.

Now, the noun ‘love’ have taken on personification in the form of Alex and Bella, which would have been wrong had it been stated literally as ‘love is blind’.

Since Alex and Bella are concrete nouns, the noun ‘love’ is now used to represent them in the sentence. This is the correct use of ‘love’ in the above scenario.

When speaking in public ,it is important to know the type of expressions you use to avoid embarrassment or even outright insult.

You can actually take a cue from this article and begin to correct yourself if you have been making use of the wrong expression.

Don’t forget, no one is above mistakes and no one is certainly above correction.

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