Stop Saying “In The Name of Jesus”, It’s Wrong. Say This Instead

Hello valued reader, with so much excitement, is schooling you today on a highly important subject which majority of Christians are ignorant of.

This subject has to do with the application of
“In The Name of Jesus”.

Majority of users of the above phrase even most Men of God until now do not know that it is spiritually wrong to address the Lord who died on the cross to save the world, merely as ‘Jesus’.

That amounts to a spiritual crime.

Now in book written by Prof. Apostle Iyke Nathan Uzorma (former occult grandmaster now in Christ) tittled “My 300 minutes experience in heaven” he shared what Prophet Daniel told him in a vision ( it was part of the many things he saw in that vision).

He said that in his encounter with Daniel in a heavenly vision, Prophet Daniel pointed out to him one of the mistakes many Christians make on Earth with regards to how they address the Lord who died on the cross.

He pointed out to him that in earthly terms ‘Jesus’ is a name that any human being can bear.

Now this is true simply because of the fact that there are so many people who presently bear this name.

He said in the vision, Daniel further told him that; ” The Angels and Saints of the Kingdom of God frown when the Children of men of Earth call the King of Kings and Lord of lords ‘Jesus’ like they do when they say “In Jesus’ name”.

The above according to him is contrary to what is expected in Heaven and the Kingdom of God in all the realms including the world of man.

“Though,” Daniel further stated “the Lord may overlook this, and consider it as one of the defects of souls still in the world of human existence; yet it is the desire of the Kingdom of God that the Lord should be properly addressed always.”

“Brother Iyke, let the Christians on Earth know that the proper way to address the Lord of all the realms of existence, who saved the world by His Blood, as demanded by the kingdom of God is thus: OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST”, Daniel told him.

“Therefore let them know that even in their prayers they should not say ‘in Jesus name’ rather they should call him Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Thank you very much for reading this article.


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