Stop Saying “I’m Tired”. Say This Instead

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English language is undeniably the most spoken language in the world, but it is an adopted dialect here in Nigeria.

Well, it is the general language used, so we must learn to speak it without any error.

Provided below are some common grammatical errors we often make.

1. I Am Tired

In a situation when you have worked and you feel worn out, most people will say “I am tired”. It is not wrong, but it is Inappropriate.

We should learn to speak first-class English at all times.

Do not say; “I am tired”, rather say “I am exhausted”, or “I am worn out”. This is the right thing to say.

2. I Want To Sleep

Please stop saying; “I want to sleep”, it is simply low-class English. Do not say “I want to sleep” rather say “I intend to be asleep”.

This is the right thing to say.

3. Please Sir

This is a common blunder most people make.

In a situation where you want to plead or ask for something, do not say “Please Sir”, or “Please Madam”, it is very wrong.

In English, if you wish to use please in your sentence, it should come after the noun or pronoun.

Rather than saying;

“Please Sir”, or “Please Ma”, say; “Sir Please”, “Ma Please”, this is the right thing to say.

Thank you very much.

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