Stop Saying ” I Will Revert Back”, It Is Wrong. Say This Instead

English speaking is not easy for majority of people who were unable to receive formal education in the language. Those who were formally schooled on it too end up embarrassing themselves all because they thought they were through with every detail and therefore were unable open up for corrections on some few mistakes which they thought were right. In this article, will be taking you through some common mistakes people often make when communicating in the English language. The mistakes have been provided with all the needed corrections. Listed below are some of them;

  1. Use Of Double Negatives: Because majority of us try to translate sentences to English from our native language, we often end up adding double negative while we speak out the language. Please never make this mistake.

For example: “I don’t know nothing”. As a matter of fact, this means that we know something but it should have been said this way; “I don’t know anything”

  1. Sometimes too most of us have the strong desire to use the wrong tense. For example;

We say; “I didn’t cried when I saw the movie.” Here the word “didn’t” should never be followed by a past tense verb.

Please say this instead; “I didn’t cry when I saw the movie.”

  1. Revert back or reply back is wrong. Are you aware that majority of English speaking people make this mistake? People always use “revert back”. However, meaning of the two words are similar.

We say; “Please revert or reply back to the mail”. This is very wrong.

Say this instead; “Please revert or reply to the mail.”

Thank you very much for reading this article.


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