Stop saying “I want to charge my phone”. It’s incorrect



Lovely readers, listed below are corrections on some of the common errors we make when speaking the English language.

1. Kim as well as his friends are coming here tomorrow. [NOT CORRECT]

Kim as well as his friends is coming here tomorrow. [CORRECT]

Reason: If two nouns [Kim and his friends] are connected with ‘and’, the verb in the sentence should match the first noun [Kim]. So use “coming”.

2. She has been studying her lessons very hard. [NOT CORRECT]


She has been studying very hard. [CORRECT]

Reason: When you talk about a teacher’s work, use “study”, “do homework” or “do exercise”, but not “lessons”.

3.I got off my car to meet my friends. [NOT CORRECT]

I got out of my car to meet my friends. [CORRECT]

Reason: Use ” get on / off ” with vehicles bus, train, plane, boat, ship, bike.

Use ” get out of / got out of ” with vehicles car, taxi, elevator, elevator. [In some countries, “Get Off / Get Off” is also used with “Train” and “Boat”.

4. I want to charge my phone. [NOT CORRECT]

I want to charge up my phone [CORRECT]

Reason: Charge means to put electricity into an electrical device like a battery:

She drove the car around the block to charge the batteries. You are charging something because it increases the available charge on it


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