Stop saying ” I love you too”. It is incorrect. Say this instead

There are some English expressions that many people say today that are not correct at all.

You will hear people saying the wrong words in public and they will think that they have spoken well.

Don’t just speak English,try as much as you can to speak Correct English.

I will be taking you through some English that people say which are wrong and the corrections to it.

When someone tells you that” I love you”, don’t say that “I love you too” it is incorrect.

The word “too” is a negative word and it’s used to express negative things.

For example; The boy is too naughty.

“Too” here is used to express another negative word “naughty”. You can only use “too” to express a negative word.

So now imagine someone call you and the person says “I love you” and you reply that “I love you too”. You see that the two words cannot be expressed together.

When someone tell you that “I love you” the correct words to say is “I love you also” or “I love you as well”.

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