Stop Saying “I Am The Last Born”, It Is Wrong. Say This Instead

The Queen’s language is the lingua franca of Nigeria but it appears to be one of the difficult languages in the world for some people.

This is because of the fact that, a very little mistake can make the whole expression ungrammatical.

The shocking aspect of it is that, being a learned person or scholar does not save you from making grammatical mistakes.

Below are some of the wrong expressions and their Corrections;

A. It is very wrong and ungrammatical to say “I am the last born of my family”.

The correct expression should be ” I am the last child of my family”.

B. Do not say ” Crack your brain”. Hahaha this bad expression is very common.

As a matter of truth no one can crack his or her brain and still stay alive.

You should rather say “Rack your brain”.

C. Do not say “Return it back”. This is tautological in nature.

The best expression should be “Return it”. When you say Return it, you are already telling the person that collected your property to bring it back, so no need including Back.

D. It is highly ungrammatical to say “Someone is matured”. Never make this mistake again else you will end up embarrassing yourself in public.

The right expression is “Someone is mature” like “Emeka is mature”.

E. Do not say ” Borrow me your pen”. Infact this expression is highly common amongst students but the right one is “Lend me your pen”.

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