Stop Saying “I am the Last Born”, It is Grammatically wrong. Say This Instead.

English Language is the lingua franca of Nigeria but one of the difficult languages. It looks soo easy to everyone but not as easy as a lot of people think because a slight mistake can make it Ungrammatical.

The most surprising part of it is that, being a learned person or scholar does not save you from making grammatical errors.

Open mindedness and constant studying are the two qualities you must possess if you really want to be well versed in the speaking of the language.

In this article, I am going to school you on some of the wrong expressions we all make in English and the correct ones starting from one of the most popular blunders.

Below are Some of the Wrong Expressions and their Correctiins;

1. It is totally wrong and Ungrammatical to say “I am the last born of my family”. It is more correct and grammatical to say ” I am the last child of my family”.

2. Don’t say ” Crack your brain”, no one can crack his or her brain and still be alive. The accurate one would be “Rack your brain”.

3. Don’t say “Return it back” this is tautological in nature. It is more correct to say “Return it”. When you say Return it, you’re already telling the person that collected your property to bring it back, so no need including Back.

4. It is Ungrammatical to say “Someone is matured” the right expression is “Someone is mature” like “Emeka is mature”.

5. Don’t say ” Borrow me your pen” this is common amongst students but the right one is “Lend me your pen”.

That is all for now my lovely readers!

Like I said earlier, you need to be open minded while learning English, no one is an island of knowledge. Thank you very much for reading.

Source; Opera News

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