Stop Saying “I Am Coming” It Is Wrong, Say This Instead



Hello lovely readers, is glad to take you through this article on an interesting subject vis-à-vis our daily expression in the Queen’s language. The Queen’s language is a particular lingual which most people often commit errors when speaking even including the whites who have it as their native language. is not an island of knowledge or a “Mr. Know It All” but an ardent believer of the fact that “Education has no end”.

Let me go to the point straight. Chumsky ones said; “Language does not have to be grammatical; it just has to make sense”. However, when it comes to communicating in a formal way, you have to ensure that your language is grammatical because of the fact that it really portrays how professional you are.

Now there is a common expression people often make and that is “I am coming” which actually indicates a present continuous tense.

As a matter of truth, I do not know the situation in other countries but when you come to a place like Ghana, this sentence is highly misplaced even among the elite.

A classic example is when you see somebody going somewhere and you ask that same person; “Where are you going?”, the next reply you will hear is “I am coming”. Hmm this is serious because how can you say “I am coming” when in actual sense you are going? It is grammatically incorrect and doesn’t make sense in at all.


The correct response should be “I will be coming in the next 40 minutes” or “I will soon be back”.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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