Stop saying “hello” when someone calls you. It is wrong



Good day everybody. Today i want to bring to your notice some grammatical errors we make everyday.

You don’t need to be perfect in speaking English but there are errors that you need to pay attention to.

Below is a list of grammatical errors that we use everyday in our lives and their corrections.

Please apply them so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and mistakes.

1) Wrong Emeka have a good news for you.


Correct Emeka have good news for you.

2) Wrong Fatima sent a word that she would come soon.

Right Fatima sent word that she would come soon.

3) Wrong Musa cannot set a foot in this Shop.

Right Musa cannot set Foot in this Shop.

4) Wrong She is Ada in judgment.

Right She is a Ada in judgment.

5) Wrong There is no place in the hall.

Right There is no room in the hall.

6) Wrong Adamu came by the 7:30 o’clock train.

Right Adamu came by the 7:30 train.

7) Wrong He know her good.

Right He know her well.

8) Wrong Chioma asked me that why I had not gone to the party.

Right Chioma asked me why I had not gone to the party.

9) Wrong Faith story was sweet.

Right Faith story was interesting.

10) Wrong There is no guarantee of his honesty.

Right There is no guarantee for his honesty.

11) Wrong My brother’s all the books been stolen.

Right All my brother’s book have been stolen.

12) Wrong The Old Woman which works here is from China.

Right The Old woman who works here is from China.

13) Wrong Omotola is living far away with Japan.

Right Omotola is living far away from japan.

14) Wrong Obinna was boring in the class.

Right Obinna was bored in the class.

15) Wrong Are you a saler, Ade?.

Right Are you a salesman Ade?.

16) Wrong JSS3A students like the teacher.

Right JSS3A student likes the teacher.

17) Wrong Teni went to abroad to further her study.

Right Teni went abroad to further her study.

18) Wrong The Guest enjoyed from the movie.

Right The Guest enjoyed the movie.

19) Wrong She made an excuse to be late.

Right She made an excuse for being late.

20) Wrong Promise left a bit in a hurry.

Right Promise left in a bit of a hurry.

21) Wrong Ibrahim really excited to good news from you.

Right Ibrahim really excited to get your good news.

22) Wrong I, you and She will do it together.

Right you, She and I will do it together.

Hello is a general greeting or use for calling for attention whether when answering call or not but in a courtesy way to make it more mature and respectful is to greet the person instead of saying Hello, you rather say Good morning/afternoon or Good day. Since Everybody are used to the word Hello, then let’s put it this way, why not say the Hello then follow by your greeting for an instance, Hello good afternoon/evening or good day.

Nigerians are fond of that and we don’t have manners again, most of us are used to the hello and even when our Parents or Elderly ones calls us on the phone, instead of greeting we just say Hello which is very wrong and disrespectful.

I hope you learnt something new, if you feel there is something that should be added to the list you are free to add yours. if you do not agree with the corrections made above, you’re free to share your opinion in comments Boxes.

Source; opera news

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