Stop saying “good morning”. It is incorrect



A number of people apply many words without knowing their use or meaning.

Some people also know the meaning of the words but are not interested in using them correctly.

I’m scribbling this article so that people will stop using some words that almost everybody use without knowing how they perform.

Below is the list of examples;

1. Good morning


People normally use good morning in expressing good wishes on meeting or parting during the morning. Many people use it without knowing the efficiency. Instead of using the word ” good morning ” we must use some words such as shine and rise, wakeup panda, shine bright like a sun, morning has broken, this is the day that the Lord has made, here comes the sun and many more.

2. Thank you

High number of individuals use the word thank you as a form of polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer.

In order not to confuse or disgrace yourself, here are some words which are very good in place of thank you. The words include, it’s very kind of you, I really appreciate it, I owe you one, you saved my day, I’m so grateful, this means a lot to me and you are too kind. All these words above are the correct words you can use in place of thank you.

3. You’re welcome

As for this word, majority of people use this word. You’re welcome is said as a polite answer when someone does something for you and you are very grateful. Without waisting much time, let’s dash in to the correct words you can use in place of you’re welcome. The words include, it’s my pleasure, it’s my duty, mention not, glad to help, that’s all right, I’m happy to help you, it was nothing, no worries, happy to serve you, not at all and many more.

4. Excuse me

This is also another word or short phrase we use normally. Excuse me is used as a polite apology in various contexts, such as when attempting to get someone’s attention, asking someone to move so that one may pass, or interrupting a speaker. Many people use it without knowing how correct it is. Without waisting much time, let’s go to some of the words which can be correctly use in place of this word or short phrase. The words or phrases include, excuse me, pardon, come again, I beg your pardon, can you say or repeat that again, sorry, I didn’t catch that and speak louder. All these and more are grammatically correct words which can be used in place of excuse me.

5. I’m tired

Many people use the expression “I’m tired” when they’ve had a lack of sleep or when they feel like they need a nap. When you’ve got mental health problems, sometimes “I’m tired” can also simply mean you’re lacking sleep, but often it means so much more. The words or phrases you can use in place of I’m tired include, I’m exhausted, I’m spent, I’m bushed, I’m whacked and many more.

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