Stop Saying “Gateman”, It’s Wrong. Say This Instead

The Queen’s language is the most dynamic language in the world.

English itself is very dynamic because of the fact that it is very broad in nature.

The broadness nature is what makes it very difficult to be comprehensively studied from A to Z.

It is not like Mathematics. The Queen’s language does not have a specific formula apart from the rules on grammar.

Majority of people who do not understand Mathematics might have the notion that English Language is easier but the truth of the matter is that, it is more difficult than Mathematics.

There are some common mistakes we make that we ignore on many occasions.

Now in today’s article, I want to open your eyes ob some simple corrections you should take henceforth.

A. Gateman

Most times we call people who look after the gates of rich men as “Gateman” which though is totally wrong.

Ok What abou if the person is a woman?

Would you refer to her as a “gatewoman?”.

Please take this serious. Instead of calling him a Gateman, please call him or her “Gatekeeper”. That is the right name.

B. K-Leg

Some people often love referring to someone with this kind of legs as having K-Leg but that is totally wrong.

The right name for such situation is “Knock-Knees”

C. Bold Legs

One common mistake is this particular condition which people often refer to as Bold legs.

People who make this mistake are those who are careless about their spelling.

The moment they hear it from people’s mouth, they begin using it without knowing how it is spelt for right pronunciation.

The name is not “Bold Legs”. It is called “Bowedlegs”.

Thank you very much for reading this article

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