Stop saying “flash me”. It is wrong. Say this instead



There are many words we use in Ghana and Africa that are grammatically incorrect.

The earlier we correct ourselves, the better it will be for us.

If you don’t want to be embarrassed in public gatherings, you must learn how to speak English correctly.

You must learn how to apply the correct words.

Nigerians have this obscure gift of coming up with words, phrases and tenses that will suit their communication. Be it in pidgin, slang words or their native tongue, Nigerians are always creative.


There are numerous words that are wrong which we think are normal.

One of the words we use regularly which is incorrect is ‘flash me’.

“Flash me” refers to when someone calls you and allows your phone to ring for a second and then cut the call.

“Flash” according to the dictionary means to blink, briefly illuminate a scene or to shine briefly. But, flashing is not related to a call. Probably it’s because the phone’s screen flashes that’s why Nigerians coined the word ‘flash me’. However, it is wrong.

What then is the correct word to say? The correct word to say is ‘ring me’ or ‘beep me’. Let’s endeavour to put this into practice. Stop saying ‘flash me’. You should say ‘beep me’ or ‘ring me’.

Remember that ignorance is a disease and knowledge is power. Be informed!

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