Stop Saying “All Things Being Equal”, It Is Wrong. Say This Instead

Hello my dear reader.

Undoubtedly no one on this planet is perfect in the English language.

However we must always endeavor to speak it in a way which is generally accepted.

Please understand that saying ‘All things being equal’ is totally wrong.

In Economics, all things cannot be equal.

No two identical things are even equal. So saying ‘All things being equal is highly wrong.

Ok so if it is wrong, then what should you say?

The correct thing or phrase to say is ‘All Other Things Being Equal’.

This is referred to as “Ceteris paribus”. It is a Latin phrase.

It is applied to explain when two things are different and the outcome that is likely to happen.

One can also say, All things other things being equal, a professor should earn more salary than a teacher.

What it means is that there are two jobs here, but if things were to happen normally, then a professor should take home more pay than a teacher.

Both work in same field but one has a higher educational background.

Thank you very much for your time.

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