Stop Saying “5 Ghana Cedis”, It’s Wrong. Say This Instead

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This is about the way most people pronounce wrongly the name of Ghana’s currency.

The country called Ghana has many denominations of their currency which include ¢200, ¢100, ¢50, ¢20, ¢10, ¢5, ¢2, ¢1 notes.

The rest are coins and it is expressed as pesewas.

Now it appears that majority of people including the citizenry normally say Ghana Cedis which is totally wrong in English language.

The right way of saying it is “Ghanaian Cedis” not “Ghana Cedis”.

Ghana is a noun and cedis is also a noun. In English langue rules, these two should not match, that is why it should be called Ghanaian Cedis.

In the United states, their currency is called American Dollars, not America Dollars.

This is same as Ghana, our money is called Ghanaian cedis.

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3 Replies to “Stop Saying “5 Ghana Cedis”, It’s Wrong. Say This Instead

  1. I disagree with you. I’m sure you have more than one name is your name. Each name is a noun, isn’t it?
    Ghana cedis is a name for our currency and not a description of the currency.

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