Stop Parking Your Car This Way, It Can Damage Your Gearbox. Do this Instead

A wrong way of always parking an automatic transmission car can damage your gearbox and send you looking for a replacement sooner than you expected.

This is one of the popular mistakes many drivers make on regular basis without knowing it.

Whenever a car is stopped, majority of people rush directly from D to P and then move of to apply the handbrake and turn off the engine.

This parking is not correct. It is an error.

When you push directly into the P gear, it puts the stress of the whole car on the P locking hole not on the handbrake.

One thing is that if you continue to do this for a long time, you will end up damaging your gearbox.

The correct and best way is that the moment the car is stopped, first push to the N gear and then apply the handbrake so that the force point of the car is on the handbrake.

Next thing to do is to push to the P gear then turn off the engine.

I am very much aware that many of us do not know and have been gradually damaging our vehicle gearbox without knowing it.

Please share and get others informed.

Source; Opera News

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